To address the issues of increasing the competitiveness of graduates, the college faces the task of providing the economy with effective personnel of technical professions in accordance with their industry specifics.

One of the necessary conditions is the creation of an Industrial Council in the college to provide expert and technical assistance to the college.

The purpose of the creation is to provide expert and technical assistance in the development and implementation of provisions for dual training and a modular competency-based approach to qualifications in order to train highly qualified and competitive specialists in accordance with the needs of the labor market.

The tasks of the industrial council are:

  • development and implementation of integrated educational programs;
  • creation and implementation of modern educational programs based on EKVET technology, improving the quality of the intellectual potential of teaching staff.
  • development of academic mobility of students;
  • promoting the image of the college.

Положение об Индустриальном Совете

Regulations on the Industrial Council